About Me

How to get in touch

Hello, my name is FuzzyMistborn and I have a technology addiction. And I may have fallen down the self-hosting and home automation rabbit holes along the way…

I spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer or with a phone in my hand. I may be busy and not always able to respond, but if you have questions I’ll do my best to help!

Here are the best places to reach me on the interwebs:

Want to say thanks? Buy me a beer!

Name Origins

For those wondering where the name “FuzzyMistborn” comes from, I’m also a huge fantasy nerd, and particularly Brandon Sanderson. One of my favorite series is “Mistborn”. Mistborn are humans with some pretty awesome powers when they ingest various metals and “burn” them. And I also like cats. I mean…who wouldn’t like be a cat with awesome super powers?

So if you’re a fellow Cosmere-lover, feel free to chat!

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