New Blog, Who Dis?

So for the past year, my blog has been run on the Ghost blogging platform. And I really liked it. It was simple, it worked, and I liked the look. Why change you might ask? Well…first I have a problem where I constantly find myself wanting to tinker, even if there’s a perfectly working thing. It can always be better right? Also, Ghost just released a major update (v4) which indicates, at least to me, they’re taking the platform in a different direction from just being a blog platform. Specifically they’re catering more to people who want to create newsletters/have subscriptions/generate revenue which….isn’t why I blog. I blog for fun and to document things that I do so others can learn/benefit from my suffering…err….experience. And when I upgraded there was this big huge “subscribe” button in the middle of the header (which even more annoyingly 404’d when clicked):

I don’t want to sound like I’m hating on Ghost, the platform is great and works very well. The direction they’re heading just isn’t for me. Sooo….new shiney time!

Enter Hugo. It’s a static-site generator, which basically means it creates the webpages based on flat files. There’s no database or running programs or anything. You can find the entire source code for all the posts in this Github repo. Which I find pretty cool. Particularly because a few of my posts seem to be popular but in some cases may be out of date or could be improved. So if you spot something that’s incorrect or needs to be updated, please open up an issue on the blog Github repo, or better yet, make a PR to correct it! Also feel free to suggest topics for me to cover by opening an issue, and I’ll post some of my ideas on there as well and I welcome feedback.

Bear with me over the next few weeks as I fix up some things and may make some other changes or other improvements. I hope this will make things better in the long run but for now there may be some growing pain.

Also, thanks to this blog post for detailing how to migrate from Ghost to Hugo:

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